Heinzelmännchen are gnome-like creatures found in the Black Forest of Germany. They are rarely seen, however always helpful to creatures and people alike.

According to German folklore, the Heinzelmännchen visit proprietors during the night to assist with chores, so when the proprietor awakes he has more time to give back to his community. They have been celebrated in poem and song for their cheerful and helpful attitude.

At the Brewery, they keep a watchful eye on the beer at night and take care of any unfinished jobs so Dieter and Sheryl can concentrate on brewing the best beer, keeping their customers happy, and helping their neighbors.

You’re half way there . . .
Hein—zel (Hine—zul)

The final two syllables rhyme with
“attention" and sound like “mention”

Say it along with me . . .
"People pay attention when you
ask for Heinzelmännchen!"