Heinzelmännchen Brewery is moving and improving! We're raising funds through a variety of sources to meet transition to our new location in Dillsboro, equipment, and improvement costs.

The Gnome Gnation Founders Club is one way we are raising funds towards this $1 – $1.5 million project. Our goal for raising funds through the GGFC is $125,000 or more. All funds received through the Gnome Gnation Founders Club will be applied as follows:

• 49% 30-Barrel Brew House System
• 40% renovations of new location
• 8% marketing and re-branding
  of Heinzelmännchen Brewery
• 3% operating expenses

All funds from the Gnome Gnation Founders Club will be kept in a separate checking account. Any and all money raised, whether we reach our goal or go over our goal will be used as stated above. If for some reason the expansion plans do not occur, you will receive your money back. All products and services will be made available after the opening date. We greatly appreciate you participating in the Gnome Gnation Founders Club and supporting Your Gnometown Brewery!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Sheryl Rudd at yourgnometownbrewery @gmail.com or 828-631-4466. We look forward to celebrating again with you soon!

Current location and mailing address:

545 Mill Street,
Sylva, NC 28779

Future location:

119 Front Street
Dillsboro, NC 28725


Join the Gnome Gnation Founders Club
As part of this transition, we want to improve Your Gnometown Brewery experience through the Gnome Gnation Founders Club*. Joining not only helps the Brewery provide the best brewing and drinking experience at our new location, but also gets you the following great items and opportunities:


GNOME You won’t want to step out of the house without your Baseball Cap or Visor embroidered with the unique Gnome Gnation Founders Club logo!


PAIR OF GNOMES Enjoy your favorite Heinzelmännchen beer or soda with a friend or loved one in these Gnome Gnation Pilsner Glasses. We will have them engraved with the GGFC logo and the brewery opening date that you helped work towards. This level will also include the embroidered cap or visor.


STYLIN' GNOMIE Wear this embroidered Gnome Gnation Founders Club polo-style shirt with pride, signifying your support of building the Gnome Gnation. We’ll also add the pilsner glasses and baseball cap or visor.


BRAULER GNOME The newest growler in the craft beer scene is the Bräuler, the world’s first stainless steel modular growler system. Wrapped in the insulated Bräuler Skin, with the Gnome Gnation Founders Club and new location opening date etched and silk-screened, your favorite Heinzelmännchen Beers will keep fresher longer! When pouring from your Bräuler, you’ll be wearing your GGFC polo shirt, pouring the beer into the GGFC pilsner glasses while sporting your GGFC cap or visor!


TASTING GNOMIES Can’t make it to the brewery for a tasting? Let us come to you! We‘ll drive Heinzelmännchen Beers to you (within a days drive from Sylva, NC) and create a personal tasting for up to 8 people at your location!


BREWING GNOMIES Dieter will have a brand new 30-barrel system to brew on and you will get the opportunity to be right along side him as he brews one of Heinzelmännchen’s recipes. Be a part of the brewing process from start to finish. And when the day is complete sit down and enjoy a pint and meal with the Braumeister as you review the day’s events!


CULINARY GNOMIES Heinzelmännchen Brewery has been known for its food & beer pairings over the years, always encouraging you to use beer in your cooking and pair what you’re eating with a Heinzelmännchen Brew. Well, Dieter is the master of pairing food & beer. So, for contributing at this level we’ll come to you (within a days drive of Sylva, NC) and cook a private beer dinner pairing the perfect Heinzelmännchen Beers with every course. We’ll have a great party with up to 10 people and everyone will receive a copy of Your Gnometown Cookbook!


DESIGNING GNOMIES So, you’d like a little more notoriety? Design & name your very own beer with Dieter, brew the beer and be at the release party to present your own creation! You’ll work with Dieter to formulate your recipe, name the beer, brew it, and then return for the release party. We’ll take care of 3 of your meals and one night’s stay at a local hotel for the recipe formulation/brew day and again, when you return for the release party. And every time you return to einzelmännchen Brewery, a pint is on us! With great feedback from customers, your new creation may end up in the regular line-up of Heinzelmännchen offerings.


TOURING GNOMIES You may have been on brewery tours before, but imagine savoring a brewery tour led by a Master Brewer who lends his unique perspective and expertise to your experience. Let Dieter and Sheryl customize a 3-day tour for four people at breweries within driving distance from Sylva. We’ll take care of the organizing, transportation, 2 meals per day, any fees associated with the tours, beer, some of your favorites to take home with you, lodging, and a couple of surprises along the way. Dieter will share his wealth of knowledge as he describes the nuances of each beer. Sit back and relax because we’ve got this!


GNOMIE ADVENTURE Here’s a real treat – a trip for 2 to Germany with your very own tour guides, one that even speaks German! Sheryl and Dieter will take you on a 7-day tour of areas near the Black Forest. Visit the birthplace of the Heinzelmännchen, take a boat down the Rhine, and visit small breweries and pubs along the way, while Dieter delights you with insights, tastes and tales of the German style of brewing and food pairing. . . with a few surprises to enchant you!

In addition to what you receive at your level of giving, we’ll put your name in lights in our new brewery – well maybe not in lights, however it will be prominently displayed so everyone will know you helped build the Gnome Gnation AND you’ll be invited to a private pre-opening gathering for Gnome Gnation Founders Club members only!

Thank you for your contributions and support in making our dream come true…making it possible to expand Heinzelmännchen Brewery to really serve Western North Carolina and to help build our Dillsboro/Sylva communities!! Prosit!

Cash, Checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) accepted in person or by mail. If check or money order please write Gnome Gnation Founders Club on the memo line.

*Joining Gnome Gnation Founders Club is not an investment, and entitles members only to the items and opportunities listed above.