Dieter Kuhn, Certified Brewmeister, was born and raised in Heidelsheim near the Black Forest of Germany. As a little boy he was sent to the local brauhouse to pick up the week’s worth of beer for his family. He also grew up with an uncle who malted grain for beer, so the desire for wholesome, fresh ales was instilled in Dieter very early.
     Dieter and his wife Sheryl Rudd opened Heinzelmännchen Brewery in 2004 in tiny Sylva, North Carolina, an old-fashioned mountain town an hour west of Asheville.
    You can enjoy our beer in take-home growlers, kegs, or by the pint in our Tap Room. We don't sell food, but you may bring your own from one of our local eateries & enjoy it in our Tap Room; or visit a nearby restaurant that carries Heinzelmännchen on tap.

The brewery is open Monday through Saturday. Take home a growler, or just drop by for a tasting.