To enjoy with food, check our pairing guide

Ancient Days Honey Blonde Ale
Bringing forth the sweet essence of the bees, this pilsner style ale is well-balanced, refreshing, crisp and smooth.  Enjoy this to celebrate all the goodness that is provided for us and dance like a Gnome of old. A lingering sweetness finishes this ale for after meals or with seafood dishes. Made with local Catamount Honey.

Gopher Ale
A pilsner style ale specially brewed for those who seek a refreshing drink to share at meals, with conversation and, like our Heinzelmännchen friends, at times of celebration. A nicely balanced ale with a malty note that complements pasta and pizza.

Middleworld Brown Ale
A tasteful ale reminiscent of times around a hearth where one seeks out the warmth and comfort of reflection on the day’s blessings; our little Heinzelmännchen friends sought to share these moments together with joy and thankfulness, the fire sparkling in their eyes and the ale soothing their soul.  This light bodied brown ale has a muted toffee flavor and a smooth finish that satisfies the palate with spicy foods, wings and Mexican fare.

Black Forest Stout
This ale is as dark as Germany’s Black Forest. There, our little Heinzelmännchen friends sought out dwellings vacated by their larger animal companions, then sipped on this smooth ale and stretched out to enjoy the rustling winds of the pine forest. Black Forest Stout, with its balanced roasted coffee, caramel flavors, creamy finish, has a thick head deserving contemplation and savoring.

Weise Gnome Hefeweizen
A light bodied, clear wheat ale that has a refreshing tartness, white frothy hea, carbonation that tickles the tongue and a crisp, slightly hoppy finish. Gnomes enjoy this ale when evenings are warm and muggy and after a productive day.  Adding an orange slice brings out the citrus note; a mint leaf enhances the hoppy notes creating a German Mojito.
Hoppy Gnome
Using a special dry hopping technique, we give our pilsner style ale a bouquet of hop flavors and aroma. A creamy head and silky smoothness enhances the floral, piney, slightly spicy hop notes without the usual bitterness. It may cause you to hop like a gnome!

To enjoy with food, check our pairing guide

Gnutty Gnome
A brown ale brewed to highlight the nutty flavor of victory malt and subtle sweetness of caramel malts. An ale enjoyed mostly with a delicious meal and to savor with friends and family.

A deep amber ale, sweet, and malty with a slightly hoppy finish. An Oktoberfest that rocks!

To enjoy with food, check our pairing guide

These ales are bolder in flavor and higher in alcohol content. They are made in smaller batches and a new one is offered every weekend.

Kilted Gnome Scottish Ale
Wandering in the Black Forest, a Heinzelmännchen met up with a Scottish lass and they shared their favorite ale recipes. This meeting created the perfect marriage of Scottish and German culture with this result: a Scottish style ale An amber brown, light bodied, scottish style ale with a warming alcohol note, finishes flavorful, slightly sweet and hoppy. Pair with haggis or schinken.

Chocolate Covered Gnome  
A strong porter brewed with a generous amount of chocolate malt to highlight an addition to cocoa powder yielding a complex chocolate experience; smooth, delicious and tantalizing for any chocolate lover.

Imperial Gnome Ale
This  English style Imperial Pale Ale is a twist of gnome ingenuity. Using a large amount of pale and crystal malts and several hop additions in the brewing process, we craft an ale worthy of the Royal Gnome himself. A notable maltiness and respectable hoppiness makes a smooth and satisfying ale.

Dunkel Weise
This is a dark version of our Weise Gnome Hefeweizen. A touch of carmel wheat and dark crystal malt produce a full bodied and crisp wheat ale to enjoy in warmer evening s of late summer.

Big Amber Gnome
Our version of a strong amber ale, rich in layers of malt flavors and complexity, gives way to an assorted mix of hop notes, just enough to balance the malt. It’s truly enjoyable just sipping the velvety smoothness out of a goblet next to a fireplace.

We specialize in altbeer — the style brewed in the warmer regions of Germany since the early days of brewing. ‘Alt,’ the German word for ‘old,’ is a synonym for the traditional, old way of brewing dark, top-fermented beer. Our beers are light and refreshing and complement your meal or you can enjoy them anytime.

Heinzelmännchen beer is sold in 2-liter take-home growler glass containers, and 5-gallon or 15-gallon kegs.

The convenient growlers are imported from Germany and have porcelain flip-top lids to keep the beer fresh. They hold about four 16 oz. pints. After you purchase a growler from a range of four styles and prices, you can stop by the brewery for fill-ups that are $12 and $15 depending on the beer.

Using the growlers means there are no beer bottles or cans to dispose of, you know the beer is fresh, and our beer costs less because we don’t have expensive bottling equipment.

The beer must be kept refrigerated. Unopened, it will keep for 6-8 weeks; once opened, 1-2 weeks (4 openings and closings).

The 5-gallon kegs hold about 40 16-oz. pints and range from $65-$75; the 15-gallon kegs hold about 120 16-oz. pints and range from $165-$195.

Try our old-
fashioned Root Beer and Autumn Red Birch Beer

We use organic sugar in these freshly made, caffeine-free carbonated beverages. Our root beer has a creamy-style flavor that reminds you of those delicious root beer floats. Our birch beer tickles the tongue with a light wintergreen taste.

The sodas are sold in half-gallon screw-top jugs ($8 for jug, $3 for fill-ups) and also by the keg. The five-gallon kegs hold about 40 16-oz. pints and cost $35; the 15-gallon kegs hold about 120 16-oz. pints and cost $105.